Pittosporum undulatum (PITTOSPORACEAE) Sweet Pittosporum

Plants to Plant

Sweet Pittosporum or Victorian Box is a medium-size rainforest tree growing to 10 m. It has a dense shrubby habit and occurs naturally from Biggenden in Queensland down the east coast as far as Victoria. In southern areas of Australia it is spread by birds and risks becoming a pest in urban bushland. It is a serious weed in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. White, sweet smelling spring flowers are followed by orange fruit. Common names include Wave-leaved Pittosporum, Native Laurel, Native Daphne, Engraver Wood, Mock Orange, Australian Daphne, Cheese Wood, Wallundun-deyren, White Hollywood, New South Wales Box Tree, Bart-barb.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Foliage and Flowers

Pittosporum from Greek pitta pitch or resin used for treating wine jars, and sporos a seed – referring to the sticky mucilage surrounding the seeds. Undulatum from Latin undulatus wavy or more specifically uneven, alternately concave and convex leaf margin.

Photo: Robert Whyte