Pimelea linifolia (THYMELAEACEAE) Rice Flower

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Pimelea is a genus of about 108 species, in Australia, New Zealand. In Australia there are 90 species (endemic), all States. Herbs, shrubs or small trees, often with very tough bark. Leaves mostly opposite or subopposite, usually paler on lower surface; petiole commonly very short.

Photo: Robert Whyte


Inflorescence mostly a terminal raceme, sometimes on short lateral branches, spike-like, often condensed into heads or clusters. Pimelea; from Greek pimele, soft fat, presumably referring to the oily seeds or fleshy cotyledons.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Pimelea latifolia

This Pimelea was photographed on the Quail Trail in Mount Coot-tha Firest Park, probably Pimelea latifolia.
Photo: Robert Whyte