Peter D. Bostock

Rainforest Retreat Nov 2010

Day 1: Saturday 6 November 2010 | Workshop 1 – 1.30-5.00pm


The session will be in three parts:
1. Brief introduction to the orchids of Brisbane Forest Park, including digital images. Peter will provide a list of species (for both the ferns and orchids) that have been found in Brisbane Forest Park.
2. Ferns and fern allies of the area, some samples, both living and dead.
3. Short(ish) walk along Bryces Road, mainly to view ferns. Any orchids seen will be a bonus! (2 hours).

After about a decade in the computer industry (which followed a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Queensland), Peter began post-grad miscellaneous studies in botany in the early 1980s, also at UQ. This culminated in a Masters Degree in Botany, on the topic of maidenhair fern taxonomy in Australia.

He has worked as a botanist at Queensland Herbarium since April 1989. My taxonomic interests lie primarily with the ferns and fern allies. Peter contributed to Flora of Australia volume 48 (covering 7 fern families, totalling about 150 species).

Apart from curating ferns, orchids and some aquatic plant families, his duties encompass managing the Herbarium database ‘Herbrecs’ and its link to Australia’s Virtual Herbarium, various aspects of rare and threatened plants including regulations of the Nature Conservation Act, Botanical Latin, desktop publishing, e.g., the Census of Queenland Plants, plant photography and imaging, and image databases.