Peloparion iridis (HELICARIONIDAE) Iridescent Semi-slug


This semi-slug has a rudimentary, small, flattened semi-shell with a diameter of about 8-10 mm, the animal length is about 20 mm. Its surface has some shiny iridescence and the tissue surrounding the shell has a pimply appearance. It lives on the leaves of low shrubs in South-East Queensland. Found in Brooyar State Forest, Somerset Dam and Mt Glorious. This photo was taken in Walton Bridge Reserve in The Gap during a good wet season in 2008.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Dark Mottling

The second photo shows the semi-slug on a citrus tree in a garden in Bromwich Street, The Gap, adjoining Fish Creek. It has a lot of similarities to, and may well be, the specimen shown above. There is an unusual degree of dark mottling on the animal’s lappets in the 2nd and 3rd pics. This may be because the top pic is of a younger animal, or just natural variation if they are all indeed the same species.

Photo: Robert Whyte


These semi-slugs have some quite pretty patterns once you get close up. In this case it is travelling across the photographer’s palm.
Photo: Robert Whyte