Passiflora subpeltata (PASSIFLORACEAE) White Passion Flower

Weeds to Whack

A fast-growing invader in most types of Enoggera habitat, this vine is very easy to recognise by the very large leaf-like stipules at the base of each leaf. Native range extends from Mexico through South America. Has naturalized in Hawaii, Australia and Zimbabwe. White Passion Flower is a climber, supporting itself with tendrils along roadsides, neglected areas and the margins of bushland. Stems mostly hairless (or nearly hairless) either climbing or creeping to 5 m long, sometimes more. Leaves alternate with a tendril at their base and a leafy, heart-shaped stipule. Leaf blades have three rounded lobes.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Young Fruit

Flowers are white, about 5 cm across during spring and summer. Fruit are pale green to bluish green or yellowish when mature, egg-shaped leathery berries. Not edible.
Photo: Robert Whyte