Pandorea jasminoides (BIGNONIACEAE) Native Jasmine, Bower of Beauty

Plants to Plant

Vigorous twining plant with pinnate leaves having between five and seven lance-shaped leaflets up to 50 mm long, in rainforest and wet sclerophyll forests of north-eastern New South Wales and South-East Queensland. Genus after Pandora of Greek mythology who allowed evil sprites to escape from a sealed box – a reference to the many seeds released from the seed pods. Jasminoides means similar to the genus Jasminum.

Foliage and flowers. Photo: Robert Whyte


Flowers are large, tubular, ending in five spreading lobes, usually pale pink with a deep pink throat, about 35 mm long, Spring to late summer. Large elliptical fruits split to reveal elongated, winged seeds.
Throat of the flower. Photo: Robert Whyte


Propagation can be carried out easily from either seed or cuttings. Quite aggressive in some some situations. Popular plant in cultivation, very hardy in topical to temperate regions, in full sun to partial shade. Once established, will tolerate extended dry periods.
Photo: Robert Whyte