Ozothamnus diosmifolius (ASTERACEAE) Sago Flower

Plants to Plant

A small, erect and open shrub to about 1.5 metres but sometimes larger. Leaves linear, 10-15 mm long, 1-2 mm wide, apex reflexed, margins tightly revolute; lamina discolorous, upper surface green and scabrous, white woolly lower surface. Small flowers in clusters of 20 to 100 at the ends of the branches, usually white. Long lasting cut flower. Easily propagated and can be treated as an annual or biennial. Adaptable to most well-drained soils. Will grow in sun or partial shade. Propagation from seed without pretreatment. Ozothamnus from Greek ozo, to smell and thamnos, a shrub, referring to the smelly foliage diosmifolius having leaves like the genus Diosma.

Photo: Robert Whyte