October Events

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From Marsupials to Plantings to Butterflies

October should be renamed ‘Chocktober’ with all the events SOWN have planned.

First up is Martin Fingland presenting a marsupial talk (and live animal display) for SOWN members and their families on the evening of Thursday 12th October. Come along and see the ‘warm fuzzys’ of the Enoggera Creek Catchment and further afield.

We have a tool sharpener at the SOWN nursery to sharpen your working bee tools. Full details below.

This is followed by a planting and weeding event at Banks Street Reserve, on Sunday 15th October.

Last but not least, we have the Inaugural SOWN Butterfly Festival on Sunday the 29th October. If you thought our raspberry festival was fun, this will be even better!

Follow the links below to more details on each of these Chocktober events

Marsupial presentation by Martin Fingland – Martin Fingland from Geckoes wildlife will be providing SOWN members with an informal yet informative presentation about Australia’s diverse marsupials.

Tool Sharpener at SOWN Nursery – SOWN will be holding a tool sharpening day at the SOWN Nursery on Saturday the 14th October.

Banks Street Reserve Planting – National Tree Day Followup – This event is a follow up weeding and planting from our National Tree Day event.

SOWN Butterfly Festival – SOWN is partnering with BCC Active and Healthy Parks to bring you the SOWN Butterfly Festival on Sunday the 29th October from 10am to 3pm. The festival will celebrate the beautiful butterflies of Brisbane with an emphasis on their conservation