Nursery volunteers (again, email link fixed now!)

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Sorry to send you this twice, but we discovered the email link to respond wasn’t working. It’s been fixed now thanks to a member who rang in.


Can you spare any time on Wednesday or Saturday mornings to help out at the SOWN Nursery?

The nursery is really humming along at the moment, an average of 1000 plants have been picked up my members each Saturday for the last three weeks. We have a great Wednesday team and a roster for Saturdays, but we could always use more help.

If you have botanical knowledge there are plenty of things to do in the propagation and tubestock areas. If you are not a green thumb but would like to be, there’s plenty to learn.

For the mechanically minded, we have a construction team constantly at work repairing, extenting and improving the shed and bench areas, adding ventilation, fixing the fences, even washing tubes and stacking shelves.

Wednesdays are 8am-12noon. Come for all or part. We have a pretty relaxed time, and scrumptious morning teas.

Saturdays are 9-11am and just involve opening the nursery, being there to help members get plants, and close up at 11. Our goal is to have enough people on the roster so that you only have to do it once every couple of months. On your first session an experienced volunteer will be there to help. For more info about the nursery, follow the link below.

Can you help? Email now!

SOWN Nursery – The SOWN Nursery is located at Paten Road The Gap (our shed is next to the Greening Australia Nursery).

FIND YOUR LOCAL SOWN GROUP – SOWN has volunteer bushcare groups working on creek bank restoration throughout the Enoggera catchment including Enoggera Creek, Fish Creek and Ithaca Creek. It is good creek restoration practice to start at the headwaters – so let’s go there now …