Nursery Update


Record Number of Plants Produced by SOWN in 2015/16

The SOWN nursery, in association with the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre (AGCC), GOSSIP (Aveo Retirement Village, Newmarket) and members home nurseries have produced a record 83,700 plants in 2015/16. This compares with a total of 67,700 plants produced in 2014/15.

Plants produced for SOWN in 2015/16, by the various sources above, were as follows:
— SOWN nursery 27,600 plants
— AGCC program 40,700 plants
— GOSSIP 11,000 plants
— Home nurseries 4,400 plants

SOWN would like to thank all the nursery volunteers, GOSSIP participants and AGCC inmates who have contributed to this record plant output. SOWN nursery volunteers contributed 2580 hours in 2015/16. This is up from 2250 hours in 2014/15. The important role played by inmates at the AGCC in supporting SOWN activities is also clear from the figures.

Dick Harding and Lynn Swan have done a wonderful job in managing the SOWN nursery and the AGCC program and need to be specially thanked.

If you would like to volunteer at the nursery, please come along on Wednesday morning at 9.00 am. If Saturday morning suits you better, please email Dawn Whyte at to get on to the volunteer roster.

Please Rinse Your Empty Tubes

All empty plant tubes returned to SOWN have to be washed and sterilized before they can be reused.

You can help reduce the workload of nursery volunteers and increase their output by rinsing any loose potting mix or dirt off your empty tubes after planting or before you return then to the SOWN nursery. Thanks for your assistance with this.