Nursery Update 2


SOWN Nursery Locks Changed

In order to improve security at the SOWN Nursery, the locks on the shed and nursery area will be changed today – Wednesday 31 August 2016. This means that if you have nursery keys, they will no longer work.

Saturday volunteers and others requiring access should borrow the SOWN keys from the key board in the PPNN nursery office (next door) and return them after use.

If you consider that you require your own set of new keys for regular access, please see the president Leo Lee or nursery manager Dick Harding.

Please return your SOWN tools

SOWN members can borrow tools and equipment, such as brush-cutters, spray-packs, post-hole diggers, mattocks etc from the nursery for use on their sites. But our stocks of some tools are low.

If you have borrowed tools that you are no longer using regularly and have on a semi-permanent basis, please return these to the nursery as soon as possible. This means that they can be made available to other SOWN members for use on current, active projects. Thanks.