Special purchase of Plants for Ithaca Creek

The Everyone’s Ithaca Grant has purchased a number of plants not normally held by the nursery for planting along Ithaca Creek. These will be exclusively available to SOWN members to plant along Ithaca Creek. It they are not taken by the 18 October 2014, they will be placed with the general stock of Nursery. The plants available are as follows, get in quick or you may miss out:-
Argyrocenoron actinophyllum
Arytera distylis twin leaf coogara
Backhousia myrtifolia Grey Myrtle
Beilschmieda obtusifotic
Bursana spinosa Blackthorn
Choricarpia leptopetala Brown myrtle
Citronella moorei churnwood
Cryptocarya bidwillii
Crytocarya tripliaiervis three veined laurel
Dysoxylum rufum Hairy rosewood
Ehretia acuminate Koda
Eupomatia laurina Bocwarra
Glochidion ferdinandii cheese tree
Guida semiglauca native quince
Maytenus silistris orange bark
Melaleuca salicina salignor
Melaleuca salicina willow bottlebrush
Polyathia nitidissima Canary beech
Polyscias elegans Celery wood
Pputeria eerwah black plum
Streblus brunonianus whalebone tree
Waterhousia flouribunda
Toechima tenax pitted-leaf steelwood