Nursery, Paten Park

Storm! 16 Nov 2008

Dick Harding reports: “In a sea of fallen trees the SOWN nursery miraculously sustained damage to only a small section of the greenhouse, the far corner of which will need repair — replacement of a pole and one cross-piece should do it. In the longer term we’ll need to replace some of the greenhouse roof as water pools in sags the roofing when it rains. Lots of trees (grey gums, mostly) have fallen behind the nursery also elsewhere throughout the park. The Alphitonia on our fence near the Greening Australia gate has gone, and there are huge piles of mulch everywhere in Paten Park – the council is using it as a green waste dump. Across from the scout hut and near the off-leash dog area, there is a huge pile of mulch perhaps eight metres tall being fed by a couple of yellow machines. Access to Paten Park was not difficult but lots of big trucks were constantly queuing to tip loppings.”

Entrance to the nursery with piles of green waste

Damage to the far corner of the greenhouse

Inside the greenhouse, mostly intact

Some sagging of the roof

Trees down but entrance clear

Giant pile of mulch being fed by large machines