Nursery news – Christmas 2010


SOWN Nursery is bursting with plants longing to get into the ground. So get along on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 9am and 11am, or by appointment on Fridays, to pick up tubestock and get planting.

Who cares if it’s raining? If you plant in the rain you don’t have to water and the plants will double in size within a week. Promise.

The SOWN Nursery will be closed for 2 weeks over Christmas. It will be open on Saturday 18 and Wednesday the 22nd December but closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, opening again on Saturday 8 January, 2011.

So if you want to plant over Christmas, stock up now.

If you want to know what plants are in the Nursery, check out the new stocktake list.

Nursery Stocklist Dec 2010

Calling all seed collectors

The SOWN Nursery is looking great so now we are trying to increase the diversity of plants under propagation.

Glenn Withers has compiled a wish list for seeds.

There’s a special request for lomandra seeds which are very close to picking now. Please ensure you keep your lomandra species separate, e.g. hystrix, longifolia, etc., and mark clearly.

So this holiday, take a bag with you when you are walking your site to collect seeds. Don’t forget to mark on the bag the name of the plant, both common name and scientific name, the date collected, where it was collected and your name. If you don’t know what it is, include enough plant material including leaves, twigs, bark, flowers, for the nursery people to identify it.

Then drop the seeds to the SOWN Nursery when it opens again on 8 January.

Seed wish list for SOWN Nursery November 2010 – PDF 90Kb