The realisation has finally sunk in! The Nursery isn’t waving – it’s DROWNING – in dirty tubes! Despite 1000s & 1000s being washed over the past few months, we are only managing to get thru as many as are being returned to us each week due to the unprecedented plantings after the unprecedented storm of Nov ’08. The Nursery vols could use a hand with tube washing. Here’s how you can help:

Return tubes to us free of dirt, potting mix and other residue i.e. WASHED – so we can just PHYTOCLEAN them. (Phytoclean is a disinfectant to prevent plant disease.)
Wash your tubes when you return them, using the Nursery’s facilities (again, washing is the key issue – sterilising happily undertaken on Wednesdays by the Nursery Volunteers.)
Your help will be GREATLY APPRECIATED by the nursery volunteers so we can get on with task of propagating and restocking the Nursery with local native plants.

All the 2009 Brain Workshops now online

Follow the link below to a page detailing all the 2009 workshops with a downloadable PDF Brochure and order form. Places in each workshop limited. Don’t miss out. We know everyone says that, but this time it’s true, there’s only a limited amount of space at the venue.