New Weed Key available from Biosecurity Queensland


Many of us already know the excellent weeds DVD – Suburban and Environmental Weeds of South-East Queensland, by Sheldon Navie, an identification and information system for South-East Queensland. It is a Lucid3 key to over 600 garden and environmental weeds found in south-eastern Queensland.

Suburban and Environmental Weeds V2 was produced by the Centre for Biological Information Technology (CBIT) at the University of Queensland and is available for AUD$59.00 (excluding GST and postage).

This wonderful DVD, worth getting in its own right, has been rolled into the new Weeds of Australia Weeds Key provided online and free by Biosecurity Queensland.

Weed key, online and free, at Biosecurity Queensland. Click image to start.

The Biosecurity Queensland edition of the Weeds of Australia identification tool helps you easily identify a weed based on the features of a particular plant. The tool includes over 1000 current and potential weeds. Once you have confirmed the identity of a weed, you can then access information about how to control it. The key has 65 characters, including:

  • Distribution Characters
  • Plant Characters
  • Stem Characters
  • Leaf Characters
  • Flower Characters
  • Fruit Characters
  • Seed Characters
  • Miscellaneous Characters
  • Grass Characters
  • Noxious Status
  • Quarantine Pest Plant (not permitted entry into Australia)
  • Seeds Prohibited (seed not permitted entry into Australia)
  • Weed of National Significance
  • Alert List Environmental Weed
  • On the NAQS List

Biosecurity Queensland

Weeds of Australia
Interactive online key to weed identification.

Navie, Sheldon, 2008, Suburban and Environmental Weeds 2

Environmental Weeds of Australia
the full DVD, available from the UQ shop