National Tree Day – 29 July 2007

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This SOWN newsletter is the first for a while, as we have been doing a lot of work on our member database. We have imported BRAIN members and at last count there were about 400 members and friends.

The main item in this eNews is the upcoming planting behind the Soccer Oval (via Glenaffric St) we’d love to see you there. BRAIN members are helping identify the rainforest plants already there, and the planting is in a lovely spot just upstream from Walton Bridge Reserve. It starts at 10am and ends with snags on the BBQ at 12.

There are plenty of other items in this eNews, including a sort of “annual report” and news of Melinda, as well as specific request for volunteers to help with the Nursery Roster and GOSSIP. Please take the time to visit the links and read the stories.

Thanks, and see you at the planting.