MURICIDAE (Rock Shells)


MURICIDAE (Rock Shells)

Thais orbita, Cart Rut, or White Rock Shell, is a gastropod endemic to southern Australia and the North Island of New Zealand. It is found intertidally and is quite common on rocky ground, both in sheltered waters and on the open coast.

Its favourite food is mussels, and it is capable of wedging shells open using the lip of its own shell.

The shell is large and strong to massive, ovate in shape. The sculpture is very variable, usually with a few broad low spiral ridges, separated by wider interspaces, bearing several spiral threads. In some shells the spiral ridges and grooves are massive with deep interspaces.

Coloration is a dull creamy-white, sometimes obscurely spirally lined in light reddish-brown.

Height is up to 118 mm, and width 73 mm.