Murdannia graminea (CAMPANULACEAE, COMMELINACEAE) Slug Herb, Blue Murdannia

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Erect, slender perennial herb with thick, tuberous roots widely distributed in open forest, often in moist soil. Found in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Leaves 10 to 30 centimetres long, linear and bluish green. Flowers in loose, branched inflorescences on stalks up to 60 centimetres tall. The individual flowers are three-petalled, two centimetres across and blue or lavender, rarely white. Flowering sometimes initiated by heavy rain. Fruit are egg-shaped capsules, about one centimetre long and contain black seeds. Propagate from fresh seed. Edible root according to Emerging Indigenous Crops of Australia by John A. Considine.
Photo: Dick Harding