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Seed to collect in June

Acmena smithii Lilly Pilly
Brachychiton acerifolius Illawarra Flame Tree
Callerya Megasperma Native Wisteria
Cryptocarya microneura Murrogun
Pavetta australiensis Pavetta
Polyscias elegans Pencil cedar, Celerywood

Of these species, only Pavetta does not appear in the Mt Coot-tha Forest species list. All appear in the Brisbane Forest Park list. We do not have any seed of these species in our seedbank.

What to do in June

Check your site for Chinese Elm seedlings and saplings which are making themselves obvious now that their foliage is turning yellow. Small seedlings can be hand-pulled, larger ones will require a bowsaw and a dab of Glyphosate.

Biodiversity at the SOWN Nursery

Our stocktake on 3 April, indicated that there were 94 species available at the Nursery on that day. That’s slightly more than we’ve had at any stocktake over the past few years. We’re striving to get to about 120 and would like your ideas about what plants the Nursery should stock from time to time.

Have your say

Would you like to see other species represented in the Nursery? Send an email listing species that you would like to see, or that you’d like to see more of, at the Nursery and we’ll do our best to locate seed and propagate them.

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