Mick and Jill Bruhwiller

Talking Creeks Oral History Project

Mick Bruhwiller has been a SOWN local coordinator for 16 years.
He has also served as SOWN treasurer. He doesn’t love what he calls “bean counting” as much as being in his catchment.

“The motivation is the bush, being able to sit and walk around and listen to the bush and see the water dragons, occasional snakes…it’s what living in suburbia isn’t….”

“I would encourage anybody to join SOWN. There’s a lot of talk around about global warming I think that people are generally concerned about the environment but … very few people actually volunteer to do anything about it. It’s amazing how much difference they could make by just … coming out on a working bee for an hour. They’ll put in 20 plants in an hour and that will do so much for the environment in the long term….[for them] it will give them satisfaction to know they’re doing something, and it will break down this “me” in society and that’s… another lesson to be learnt from the bush – by doing this you’re doing it for other people as well…”