Members Meeting Saturday 5th March


Wet Weeds and Grasses

Twahamwe Cottage in the nursery grounds at 10:00am
57 Paten Road, The Gap
Guest speakers Peter Johnson and Sheldon Navie
Most of us call any plant we see growing under the water in the creek a weed. But are they all weeds or are some of them native plants. Aquarium hobbyists like a bit of greenery in their aquarium, some more than others. There are those that think that aquatic plants are green things that make it difficult to catch fish and there are those that think that fish are only in the aquarium to provide CO2 and nutrient for their precious plants. Aquarists are avid collectors of submerged and emergent plants, and we see them in the water all the time in our bush care activities. So, are they weeds that clog our waterways, or are they important native plants essential to the aquatic environment. Peter Johnson will show you some of these plants and talk about his extensive collection.

After morning tea, Sheldon Navie will take us on a tour around the park identifying the grasses and weeds we think of as grasses, in the surrounding park. Sheldon gave a comprehensive talk on grasses and their identification recently and both Prue Gibbs and myself were impressed by his expertise and approachability. So we have asked him to come out to The Gap so that you can get some first hand information and meet him in person.
Members, friends and community members are welcome to attend. If you are so inclined, please bring a plate to share at morning tea with the items provided.
Don’t miss this meeting you’ll regret it!