Members Meeting, Fees and Nursery


Members Meeting Saturday 19th July 10:30am

What can we do about this?

These two photos were taken in the last three weeks.

How does our catchment go from almost pristine condition in the headwaters to D- or an F as it enters the Brisbane River? Can we do anything about this situation?
Our members meeting will introduce Water Quality Management (WQM) to SOWN members. Before we can change the health of our waterways we need to understand what is happening in our catchment. In our meeting we will look at introducing a twice yearly survey of the water quality in our catchment and look at what is living in our creeks. Testing sites, equipment and techniques will be discussed and demonstrated. This is another way in which you can help monitor the whole of our catchment.

Our second speaker will be John Rohdes, showing the progress of his plot on Ithaca Creek at Lugg Street, Bardon.

Previously, Sandy Pollock was advertised as this meetings speaker, unfortunately he is unable to make this meeting, due to family commitments and we all have those, but he has advised that he will give his excellent talk in future.

Two high quality fiskars Bypass Pruners will be won at the meeting and Lynn Swan’s excellent preserves will also be on sale.
Please bring a small plate to share.

Membership renewals are current.

The SOWN plant nursery relies on money raised through membership fees. The number of financial members is directly proportional to the amount of money SOWN can apply for in our grants. SOWN’s survival is dependent upon the fees collected and successful grant applications. Our last grant for $13,479.33 was successful because SOWN could demonstrate a healthy number of financial members.
Recent changes to our membership collection means that the fees are no longer direct debited to members accounts. To renew your automatic deductions you need to renew the Paypal debit facility.
Membership renewals were due 1st July 2014. Please support SOWN and the nursery by renewing your subscription. All you have to do is logon to then click Membership Renewal on the left of the screen or RENEW on the right of the Home Page screen. Then select your payment option.
You can also pay your membership next time you visit the nursery to collect your free plants.
Your support would be appreciated.

Nursery Matters

Please return wire trays to the nursery, of the hundred plus wire tray the nursery owns, there is only three or four available at the nursery at this time. The nursery needs your wire trays URGENTLY so that we can continue to supply plants.

Please tell us where your Richmond Birdwing Vines are located.
Recently Dick Harding was given 200 RBV seeds on the proviso that we inform the Richmond Birdwing Network where SOWN members have vines. You can contact Dick by email ( and let him know where these plants are growing.

Please note that the nursery closes at 11am sharp on Saturdays