Maytenus silvestris (CELASTRACEAE) Narrow-leaved Orange Bush

Plants to Plant

Shrub to 4.5 m high, in rainforest and moist eucalypt forest, north from Camden and the Illawarra region, NSW. Leaves rather thick and tough narrow, mostly 1-8 cm long, 2-15 mm wide, apex pointed or blunt, base tapered, margins toothed or entire, surfaces not hairy, petiole 1-2 mm long. Buds scaly (not hairy). Stipules minute.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Leaf With Spines, New Growth

Flowers solitary, clustered or in short racemes. Fruit a globose capsule, orange, two-valved, seeds 1-4, surrounded by an aril. Photographed in a planting beside the old bridge in Walton Bridge Reserve, The Gap (on the eastern side of the creek).
Photo: Robert Whyte