Uncommon slender climber growing mostly in eucalypt-dominated open forest but also seen in association with dry rainforest margins. Possibly endemic to SE Qld, but may extend into NE NSW.

Latex white, colleters (glands) present in groups of 3 or 4 at the base of leaf blades. New growth hairy; roots tuberous.

Leaves simple, opposite, to about 5.5 cm by 1 cm, linear to lanceolate, wedge-shaped to rounded at the base and pointed at the tip. Blade dark green with wavy margins, veins obscure below.

Fruit a spindle-shaped follicle to about 10 cm. Ripe Jan to July.

Propagation from seed, possibly cuttings.

Photo: Klaus Querengasser


Flowers yellow to yellow-green, to about 4 mm across, borne in umbels from leaf axils, appear Oct to March.

Photo: Klaus Querengasser

Flower closeup

This species is seriously threatened by development and habitat loss, particular in the southern part of its range around Ipswich, while not much is known about its ecology.

Photo: Klaus Querengasser