Lyndal Plant – Principal Urban Forest Policy Officer, Brisbane City Council

Rainforest Retreat Nov 2010

Day 2: Sunday 7 November 2010 | Workshop 4 – 9.00-10.00am


Roads and streets in growth centres of Australian cities are being upgraded and retrofitted to deliver much more than transport functions. These streetscapes are an essential part of urban green infrastructure, delivering recognisable and measurable benefits including health, stormwater management, place making, business vitality and heat island mitigation. Well adapted dry rainforest tree species are playing an important part in Brisbane City Council’s Subtropical Boulevards and Neighbourhood Shadeways projects.

Lyndal graduated from James Cook University (B Sc. Hons) in 1981. After working with Queensland Forestry Department as an Extension Officer for around seven years, Lyndal’s passion for arboriculture and urban trees led to the beginning of a long and successful career in local government. Firstly with the City of Perth and since then with Brisbane City Council, Lyndal has led significant change in urban tree policy and programs using cutting edge research and strategy development. These skills were enhanced by a Churchill Fellowship Award in 1995 which took Lyndal to nine cities in South East Asia, United States and South America to investigate best practices in managing urban trees. Lyndal describes her current role within Brisbane City Council as an urban forester, ensuring that amenity trees on public and private land are recognized, promoted, protected, enhanced and maintained as valuable components of Brisbane’s open space and green infrastructure. Lyndal’s recent work included the review of Council’s tree policies following the November 2008 storms, and she is currently a member of the panel reviewing Canberra’s urban forest renewal project.