Group Leaders: Annie & Scott

Annie and Scott have worked downstream of Purtell Park for a number of years, working with their neighbours revegetating Ithaca Ck.

It was an ad in the paper for ‘a Noosa house in Bardon’ that attracted Scott and Annie’s attention, but it was the house’s proximity to the creek that clinched it for them. ‘Once I saw the creek, that was very special, to have a creek in your backyard!’ said Annie.

So began their love affair with the on-again, off-again creek and many friendships with their fellow members in Save Our Waterways Now.

Their love affair has not been without its moments. It was a beautiful creek when they arrived after good Easter rains. This was followed by a long dry period. The creek level dropped and then, very strangely, it turned orange.

The colour was the result of unknown nutrients leaching from ovals built over an old dump. The ovals have since been capped.

One of their memorable moments involved a mulching innovation that got them into trouble. Annie sent an email complaining about dumping upstream, but when the Council inspected, they found Annie and Scott had mulched their site with old carpet, cardboard and newspaper. This was not allowed. The inspectors told them, ‘The people upstream are in trouble, but you are in more trouble.’ Such are the travails of bushcare.

Photo: Mark Crocker

Jute mat on site

Photo: Robert Whyte

Jute on site 2

Photo: Robert Whyte