Lepidosperma laterale (CYPERACEAE) Variable Sword Sedge

Plants to Plant

An upright, slender plant with strap like leaves and flower stalks to 1 m on a range of habitats, especially woodland and forest, mostly on sandy soils, often on rocky hillsides. Name means scaly seeded. Attracts birds and butterflies. John Hodgon B.Sc. (Hons) writes in Systematic Studies in Lepidosperma (Cyperaceae: Schoeneae) with particular reference to the Lepidosperma laterale complex: “Throughout its geographical range Lepidosperma laterale is considered a variable taxon forming a complex that exhibits much morphological variation both within and between populations (Wilson 1993, 1994; Curtis & Morris 1994). Three varieties of L. laterale were recognised by Bentham (1878), but these have been synonymised under L. laterale in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania (Wilson 1993, 1994; Curtis & Morris 1994).

Photo: Robert Whyte

Flower Spikes

Leaves are reddish or dark grey-brown at the base, then green then straw coloured at the apex. Flower stems and leaves look similar (strappy).

Photo: Robert Whyte