Juncus usitatus (JUNCACEAE) Common Rush, Tussock Rush

Plants to Plant

Perennial, densely tufted rush, very common on stream banks and other moist places. Occurs naturally throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Juncus means basket binder, usitatus means ordinary. It is an important locally native plant right on the waters edge, where lots of weeds can take hold. A good species for stabilisation of banks of waterways
Photo: Robert Whyte

Inflorescence Close-up

This Juncus can get away from you in the garden, self-sowing readily in times with steady rainfall. It tends to die back or die out in drier conditions.
Photo: Robert Whyte


Provides cover and food for animals, such as frogs and nesting sites for birds. Yabbys eat the tender, young stems.
Photo: Robert Whyte