July Members Meeting, Awards and Wire Trays


Members Meeting 19 July 10:30am Yoorala St, The Gap

It on again! Our guest speaker is Sandy Pollock from the Queensland Herbarium (TBC) who will be telling us about Three Mile Creek in the Enoggera Catchment. Dick Harding and myself recently saw this talk at the Brisbane Historical Society and it’s a beauty. If want to find out where this place was you will have to attend the members meeting and Sandy will solve this mystery.
Our local speaker is John Rhode who is a regular on Wednesdays at the Nursery. His backyard is on to Ithaca Creek at the corner of Lugg and Jason Streets and it is worth seeing what he has done.
We will have a raffle for some good quality Fiskars Classic Bypass Pruners (2prizes), these are the kind you would like to own but can’t justify the price.
The members meetings are growing in popularity, with attendance increasing at each meeting. You get a chance to meet other members and find out what is happening in SOWN. Have a cupper and a bit of morning tea and find out what is happening in our catchment.
Members meetings are held on the third Saturday, every two months and are a source of information on catchment issues and activities. We try to keep administration and committee issues to a minimum.

Please bring your friends a small plate to share

SOWN takes the top prize in the Healthy Water Ways awards

SOWN won the Ministers prize of $10,000, and also won the “Community” award of $250 along with two trophies. The Ministers Prize was awarded for a joint project with the Arthur Gorrie Correction Centre (AGCC) and was nominated by the All Saints Anglican School. You may see the initials AGCC around the place, this is part of a project that sees the Correctional Centre Inmates growing plants at Wacol in cooperation with SOWN. The plants are then handed to SOWN and other outside organisations for distribution and catchment planting. This project is a mutual benefit to SOWN and the Inmates at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre.
So congratulations to All Saints from the Gold Coast for having the vision to nominate the project, Dick Harding for his tireless contribution, who made it happen. And especially to the inmates of AGCC who are making a much appreciated contribution to Environmental Rehabilitation.
SOWN kept one of the trophies and the other went to AGCC.

Urgent! Please return any wire trays to the nursery.

Once again the number of wire trays, that hold tube stock, is getting very low at the nursery. If you have any of these trays in your possession, it would be most appreciated if you return these to the nursery ASAP.

Membership Fees are due now.