July 2013


Dob a weed tree today

The SOWN committee is calling on members to report the locations of major weed trees in the Enoggera Creek catchment. SOWN is bidding for a BCC Community Conservation Assistance Grant to remove big weed trees and clumps of bamboo.

Members are our eyes and ears along the creek and we need your help to map the locations of the worst weed trees. We particularly want to know about trees that are successfully propagating in the surrounding areas. So don’t delay, dob a weed tree today.

Large Camphor laurel and Celtis sinensis (Chinese Elm)

Greening Australia training

Greening Australia is offering training opportunities from July to September and courses are available to SOWN members.

The courses will be covering topics including:

Introduction to Plant Identification
Intermediate Plant Identification
Reptile Identification Workshop
Fauna Forensics Workshop – Wildlife Identification
Weed Identification
Grass Identification
Details on the courses are available on the Greening Australia website at: http://www.greeningaustralia.org.au/uploads/Our%20Services%20-%20Toolkit%20pdfs/QLD_GA_Training_calendar_june_to_sept.pdf