Day 2: Sunday 7 November 2010 | Workshop 5 – 9.00-10.00am


John will detail his experiences and achievements in the first four years of the restoration of a dry rainforest site that was totally overwhelmed by a combination of Macfadyena unguis-cati (cat’s claw creeper) and Ochna serrulata. He will show how the site is responding to restoration using natural regeneration as the prime recovery mechanism. He will also outline the processes that have been employed to eradicate the weeds and the rules that are followed to ensure an efficient and effective restoration.

A retired engineer, John has always had an interest in animals and plants but no training or experience in bushcare till he started restoration of the Fort Bushland Reserve 4 years ago.

His bushcare skills and processes are all self-taught having been acquired through 4 years of hard slog and trial and error.