JC Slaughter Falls, Mt Coot-tha

Ithaca Creek

JC Slaughter Falls are located within the Mt Coot-tha Forest, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. JC Slaughter falls is one of two headways into Ithaca Creek.

JC Slaughter Falls picnic area and limited parking is available off Sir Samuel Griffith Drive. The Summit Track begins at JC Slaughter Falls picnic area and travels through open eucalypt forest for 3.8 kilometres before reaching the Mt Coot-tha lookout. In the past, an annual orienteering event has been held around JC Slaughter Falls.

Mt Coot-tha Forest is around 1,500 hectares of open eucalypt forest forming the south-eastern part of D’Aguilar National Park. These two areas make up a 30,000 hectare forest that extends well into suburban Brisbane. It is home to powerful owls, goshawks, eagles, wrens and robins as well as possums and bats. Visitor facilities in the forest include picnic tables, barbeques and toilets. Approach from Sir Samuel Griffith Drive or Gap Creek Road, Mt Coot-tha. Limited parking is available. The area is popular with birdwatchers, who can see White-throated Treecreeper, Variegated Fairy-wren, Powerful Owl, Rose Robin and Varied Sitella.

There is no formal Ithaca Intact group operating in Mt Coot-tha forest, but we hope to work with the Council’s Natural Areas team to set one up soon.

Map: Whereis.

Carpark off Sir Samuel Griffith Drive

Photo: Angus Veitch

Creekbed downstream from JC Slaughter Falls

Photo: Angus Veitch

Near the beginning of the Summit Track

Photo: Angus Veitch

Near the Hovea Track, Summit Track, and Aboriginal Art Trail junctions

Photo: Angus Veitch