Ithaca Creek

Storm! 16 Nov 2008

SOWN member Craig Davis sent us in these pictures from Lugg Street, Ithaca Creek and nearby areas. He reports: “The creek and the site took a beating. The creek at its peak was above the floor of the footbridge. All of the mulch and most of the plants planted this year are gone. Much of the established area has been mown down flat. There are all sorts of rubbish in the creek itself. Railings have been lost along paths and bridges at Glenrosa Rd, Kenwyn Rd and Jubilee Tce. Recent backyard plantings along Todd St have almost completely been lost. Woolcock Park was completely drowned and has a lot of rubbish.”

Ithaca Creek, bikepath

The odd 44 gallon drum

Rubbish, debris

Broken rail

Bushcare sign

Smashed restoration

Where the water was last night