Hilder Road State School P&C

Fish Creek

Group Convenor: Ingrid Suter

Since 2013, students at Hilder Road State School have been working to restore the adjacent Fish Creek and learn about their local environment through a custom-made website called Fish Creek 4061.

The school community has rehabilitated over 2 kilometres of creek bank through a collaborative effort to remove litter, eliminate weeds and replant local native species.

The unique Fish Creek 4061 education program, which is aligned with the Australian Curriculum, ensures teachers can easily deliver environmental learning into their classroom.

This is a Habitat Brisbane group and is supported by Brisbane City Council and SOWN.

For more information, contact Ingrid on 0467 480 585

The project aims:

  • To educate, inform and provide opportunities for students and the community to take ownership of, care for and take action to help their local environment
  • To work collaboratively with and strengthen relationships amongst students, teachers, community members and experts to make a greater change to the health of our local environment
  • To create programs and resources that promote lifelong changes in taking responsibility for and caring for our environment.

This project is 100 per cent volunteer run by people who care about their local environment and community, and hope to pass that care on to their children.

In 2015 the Hilder Road State School Parents and Citizens Association won the Healthy Waterways Minister’s Grand Prize for their outstanding work on the creek and for the associated website.

In 2017 Fish Creek 4061 began the new water quality testing initiative, which empowers students to learn about, scientifically test and take action for their creek.

Hilder Road State School Parents and Citizens again won the Minister’s Grand Prize at the 2018 Healthy Land and Water (HLW) Awards. At the end of 2018 the project had been supported by 1,940 volunteers, weeded 2,676 square metres of creek banks and replanted with 2,220 local native plants.

Website: fishcreek4061