Hedera helix (ARALIACEAE) English Ivy

Weeds to Whack

Common Ivy or English Ivy is reported as a weed south of Brisbane. Weed risk low, not common. English Ivy is a woody, evergreen climber to 20 m widely grown as an ornamental on walls and fences and as a ground cover. Leaves are glossy, dark green, leathery, 5-pointed. Flowers are inconspicuous, yellowish green in autumn. Fruit are small black berries dispersed by birds.

Photo: Robert Whyte


Native to central Europe, listed as a weed in the United States, recognised as a serious environmental weed in several states of Australia. It has naturalised throughout south-eastern Australia. It has invaded dry and wet sclerophyll forests, woodlands, riparian vegetation, rocky outcrops and warm temperate rainforest. Competes vigorously with native plant species and can dominate understorey vegetation and smother trees and shrubs.

Photo: Robert Whyte