Hardenbergia violacea (FABACEAE) Purple Coral-pea, Native Sarsaparilla

Plants to Plant

Twiner with wiry braches in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. It occurs in a variety of habitats from coast to mountains, usually in open forest or woodland and sometimes in heath. Violet flowers appear in clusters in August to November. Fruit are peas in flat 4 mm long pods.
Photo: Robert Whyte

Flowers, Foliage

The flowers, which appear in winter and spring, are usually violet in colour but pink, white and other colours are sometimes found. Hardenbergia after Franziska Countess von Hardenberg and violacea referring to the flower colour.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Flowers Close-up

Like other peas the flower has the reproductive organs concealed in a keel made up of the two lower petals. Moderately vigorous but rarely covers other plants so extensively as to cause damage. Propagation is easy from seed if the seed – coat is nicked or scraped. The seed retains viability for many years.

Photo: Robert Whyte