Had your fill? Then give it away!


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We all know this time of year is a time where over indulgence is a real possibility. But help is at hand. If you’ve had your fill, SOWN can take it off your hands. Clean fill, that is, none of your gift wrappings, mouldy old fruitcake, walnut shells or cherry pips. Just good clean dirt for the SOWN Nursery.

Yes this email is about dirt. It’s not about Christmas cheer at all. Ha ha.

You may be aware SOWN is extending the nursery by building a level area behind the shed for more plant benches. To pay for doing this we received money from people who lost it at a casino, gambling (no doubt responsibly) for the benefit of community organisations like us.

We have built our sleeper retaining walls. We now need clean fill to make the surface level. If you are digging out a pool, digging out under your house, or just digging for the sheer joy of digging, we would like your fill.

If you can, simply bring it to the nursery and tip it into the new area at the back of the shed, contained on all sides by sleeper retaining walls. We’ve used about all the material we could scavenge on site and we still need about five metres of clean fill to get it to the level we need.

If you can help you will save us $$ and have your dirt preserved for future generations, building the foundations for countless habitat restorations.

If you have clean fill but no way to move it, email us and we will arrange to pick it up with a truck late January when our builder is back from holidays.

Can you dig it? Of course you can!

All the best for the holidays.