Greening Dawn Street

Ithaca Creek

Group Convenor: Bruce Gray

The Greening Dawn Street Bushcare Group is located in the Dawn Street Park on the boundary of Ashgrove and Bardon on Ithaca Creek.

This group was formed in 2010 by experienced bush carers from other sites and members of the Australian Greens. Activities include weeding, mulching, and planting by local residents and volunteers rehabilitating a section of Ithaca Creek.

Working bees are held on Sundays after the third Wednesday of the month from 9 – 11am.

For more information, please contact Bruce Gray at or on 0417 195 464.



The revegetation of Dawn Street site began with the Ithaca Intact project in 2007. The high-profile location is where Coopers Camp Road intersects with Ithaca Creek, with Dawn Street on the south side and Glen Harding Park on the north. Ithaca Intact held several major events there, collecting litter, weeding and planting. SOWN member and Everyone’s Ithaca coordinator Adam Richardt was group leader for a time.

More recently the Queensland Greens political party has taken stewardship of the site with Bruce Gray assuming the role of group leader. Activities include weeding, mulching and planting by local residents and volunteers. A particular challenge of the site is a Queensland Urban Utilities pipe that spans the creek. This pipe has necessitated significant bank stabilization work carried out by Habitat Brisbane to control erosion caused by disturbance to the water flow.

The ultimate aim is the removal of invasive weeds, principally Madeira vine Anredera cordifolia, Singapore daisy Sphagneticola trilobata and cane grass Pennisetum purpureum, with replacement by plantings of local provenance.