Green Notes #1 June 2021


Members may be interested in these stories about the environment and the natural world. Green Notes includes links to news stories, podcasts, videos and more, with an emphasis on Australian stories and the latest science.


VIDEO: A Day in the life of a wild wolf

ARTICLE: War on seals: The ‘cruel measures’ used by Tasmania’s salmon farming industry


ARTICLE: Indigenous practices might take some of the heat from our bushfire danger

AUDIO: Locking down nature in order to liberate it


ARTICLE: How to grow new vegetables from kitchen scraps


ARTICLE: How Scientists and Archeologists Trace Beer and Wine through Antiquity

Invasive Species

ARTICLE: Attack of the alien invaders: pest plants and animals leave a frightening $1.7 trillion bill


ARTICLE: Heroes, villains … biology: 3 reasons comic books are great science teachers

ARTICLE: Making music from spider webs


VIDEO: Playing With The Moon


ARTICLE: Deciduous trees offset carbon loss from Alaskan boreal fires, new study finds

EXHIBITION: Entwined: Plants and People at the State Library of Queensland 12 June till 14 November 2021

ARTICLE: How mangrove forests helped stall environmental crime

AUDIO: The strange case of the trees that grow metal and how to harvest them

ARTICLE: WWF Australia creates legal fund to fight projects threatening forests after black summer bushfires

Public Good

Does Australia need an authority like the United Kingdom’s Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR)? The OSR has a statutory objective of promoting and safeguarding the production and publication of official statistics that ‘serve the public good’. The public good includes:

  • informing the public about social and economic matters
  • assisting in the development and evaluation of public policy
  • regulating quality and publicly challenging the misuse of statistics.

WEBSITE: Office for Statistics Regulation


ARTICLE: The world’s first ‘infinite’ plastic