Great weather for fungi

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With prolonged wet weather recently, local enthusiasts have been out hunting for fungi.

From early November 2023 till end of March 2024, The Gap recorded more than 900 mm of rain and fungi loves the wet. All three fungi featured here were photographed adjacent to the bike path running along Enoggera Creek in The Gap.

Yellow Club

Yellow Club Clavulinopsis amoena is a coral fungus which is variable in colour from bright apricot to cadmium yellow and grows up to 5 cm high. It forms slender, cylindrical fruiting bodies that grow on the ground among plant litter.

The species was initially described from Indonesia, but has also been reported from Australia and New Zealand and probably found throughout the southern hemisphere in temperate areas.

Pink Bonnet

Pink Bonnet Marasmius haematochephalus is commonly seen in the wet season in The Gap Rainforest along the bike path and in backyards – even in the lawn. This delicate fungus has a thin, dark pink, conical cap, which is scalloped at the edges to 1.5 mm diameter, margins ribbed. Gills widely spaced. Stem thin, wiry, dark brown, shiny to 4 cm long.

The name Marasmius comes from the Greek word marasmos, meaning drying out or withering. The species name is haemato meaning blood and chephalus meaning head.

Night-light Mushroom

Night-light Mushroom Mycenae chlorophos is bioluminescent appearing white to light brown in daylight but emitting a pale green light after dark. Fruiting occurs in forests on fallen woody debris such as dead twigs, branches and logs.

As well as Australia, it is found in Brazil, India, Taiwan, Polynesia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Japan where its name yakoh-take means night-light. The mushrooms shown here were next to the bike path near Enoggera Creek in The Gap.

Night-light Mushroom Mycenae chlorophos PHOTO: Han Fey Yap

Likely to be Yellow Club Clavulinopsis amoena  PHOTO: Diana Ekeroth

Pink Bonnet Marasmius haematochephalus PHOTO: Diana Ekeroth

Night-light Mushroom Mycenae chlorophos PHOTO: John Gottschalk