Great day for butterflies


The Brisbane Big Butterfly Count Spring survey in Banks Street Bushland Reserve had been postponed till November 19th when the weather (and the butterflies as it turned out) were much better.

The 70 attendees included many with a lot of butterfly knowledge, but most of us were there to learn.

Butterflies were plentiful, with 22 species identified on the day, including some new to the Reserve. The running total of species for the reserve is now 52, making it one of the top places to see butterflies in Brisbane. And most of the 37-hectare reserve is yet to be surveyed.

There was lots of enthusiasm to improve our butterfly identification skills and plans are already afoot to set up a set of butterfly nets and jars for people to use to upskill.

Little Cliff and Big Cliff Meyer, the experts who guided volunteers at the Big Butterfly Count. PHOTOS: Leo Lee