Day 1: Saturday 6 November 2010 – 10-10.30am


The drier rainforests of the region, in society’s perception, have long been the poor cousin of the subtropical rainforests, being decimated by clearing for agriculture, knocked about recklessly for timber-getting, used merely as cattle camps, poorly studied, and demeaned by the term “scrub”. In recent years more interest has been shown in these remnants, with recognition of their conservation value and naming of new species. Finally the due recognition is being afforded.

This presentation will show some of the interesting and new species in these “scrubs”.

Glenn Leiper is co-author of the field guide to plants of south-eastern Queensland “Mangroves to Mountains”, which is now in its 6th reprint. He is the teaching Principal at Jacobs Well Environmental Education Centre where he works daily with students pushing back the boundaries of ignorance, and dealing with their increasing frequency of nature deficit syndrome.