Glenella Street Park Bushcare Group

Fish Creek

Group convenor: Marina Novak

This site is on the north side of Fish Creek between Glenella Street Park and Lochinvar Lane, The Gap.

Glenella Street Park Bushcare is a Brisbane City Council Habitat Brisbane group established in 2010 to restore the habitat along Fish Creek from Glenella Street to Lochinvar Lane, The Gap. They meet on the third Saturday of each month at 4pm (3.30pm in Winter) to weed and plant the site.
The group has a vision for Glenella Street Park to provide a riparian rainforest walk, right in the heart of The Gap where residents and visitors can glimpse the type of rainforest once fringing our local creeks.

For more information, contact Marina Novak at or check out the groups Facebook page 



In 2010 Robert Whyte and the Walton Bridge bushcare team started rehabilitating the site which had become overgrown with weeds. They forged a rough bush track from Lochinvar Lane to Glenella Street. The area was previously farmland until the site was reclaimed as riparian bushland by Brisbane City Council and gazetted as a park.

The Brisbane Rainforest Action & Information Network (BRAIN) assisted with identifying flora and fauna in late 2010 and continue to help out with annual community events. The rehabilitation of the site is now being managed by a group of dedicated locals with the help of Brisbane City Council.

Significant trees on the site include a rough-leaved elm Aphananthe philippinensis more than 200 years old. Fauna surveys have found possums, carpet pythons, a very friendly tawny frogmouth, fig birds and lorikeets, garden skinks and also catfish, eels and turtles in the creek. Some less common species found were red-necked wallaby Macropus rufogriseus, echidna Tachyglossus aculeatus, rakali Hydromys chrysogaster, yellow-tailed black cockatoo Calyptorhynchus funereus, stony creek frog Litoria wilcoxi, tusked frog Adelotus brevis and elf skink Eroticoscincus graciloides.

In 2016 Brisbane City Council upgraded the bush track that runs along Fish Creek. It’s now frequently used by locals and bushwalkers. While there is still lots of work to do, the site will eventually be rehabilitated to a riparian rainforest walk, where residents and visitors can glimpse the type of rainforest once fringing our local creeks.


The first planting at Glenella Park in 2011