Gidday little fella, or shiela

Skink in a bottle 2005

A prime specimen, in sight of freedom. Again from the Queensland Museum Info Sheet: “Pink-tongues often occur in the same areas as blue-tongues, but as a rule they prefer moister habitats. They live in rainforests, wet sclerophyll forests, monsoon forests and open forests of coastal Queensland and northern New South Wales.”

The taxonomic information is quite complicated for this animal. All name changes feature in the Tiliqua (Bluetongues) lineage but not necessarilty the genus.

It starts off as Hinulia gerrardii – Gray 1845, then became Hemisphaeriodon gerrardii – Peters 1867 then Tiliqua gerradii – Mitchell 1950 then shown to be substantially different by Hutchinson – 1981 but left in Tiliqua genus till Hemisphaeriodon gerrardii – Wells and Wellington 1984-85 while Cyclodomorphus Gerrardii – Czechura – 1986 but Hemisphaeriodon gerrardii – Cogger – 1989 yet Cyclodomorphus Gerrardii – Knowles, Wilson – 1998 and Shea in 1990

It is pretty sure that the species name (epithet) will remain gerrardii as that is the species represented in the halotype. The genus is less predictable. (Auusie Python and Snakes Forum)