Getting Started – First working bee May 2007

Getting Started

Habitat Brisbane kicks off with a chat

A group of around 25 locals turned up for the first working bee of this new group. The meeting was addressed by Darryl Rush of Habitat Brisbane, Melinda Mclean (Catchment Coordinator) and several SOWN regulars including Trevor Ozanne, Anne Jones and Rob Whyte.

Photo: Mark Crocker

Mulberry – not wanted on creek banks

Photo: Mark Crocker

Patrick, Rob and Anne make short work of a mulberry: removed, cut up and stacked. More workers including Trish and Maryanne help in the background. Mulberry trees are a particular problem, causing erosion.

Cat’s Claw

Photo: Mark Crocker

One of the first tasks a new group usuallly takes on is Cat’s Claw control, this weed being easy to recognise, and easy to snip around the trunks of trees and leave in the trees to gradually die – a gentile but very effective intervention.


Photo: Mark Crocker

Maryann and Trish are poisoning using the cut stup method while Rob is looking for good plants In the undergrowth. The good ones will be tagged with blue tape so they don’t accidentally get removed.

For more details on this initiative, contact Lyn Martinez, Site Coordinator. …