Get thee to a nursery!


Have you ever wondered about the English language? It’s amazing. The word “plant” for example, can be both a verb and a noun, never mind whatever else. You can plant (verb) a plant (noun). Incredible.

If you have indeed spent the odd minute or several ruminating on such linguistic mysteries, it’s obvious you have way too much time on your hands, or a bad case of insomnia.

Fortunately Save Our Waterways Now (SOWN) has not only the solution to all your problems, but also the cure for all your maladies.

Yes, in the grand “Easter Tradition” the SOWN nursery will be open on Easter Saturday with endless trays of freshly-baked hot-cross plants ready to picked up and planted (there’s that amazing language thing again) in your local park, creek edge or garden.

Good Friday (so-called because any Friday holiday must be good) is plenty of time for your to relax and rest. Come Easter Saturday you will be bursting with energy and wanting some earthy pursuit in the great outdoors. We know this because Easter Saturday is our all time best day of the year for plant movement. Last year (or was it the year before?) we had a record number of plants go out. It was billed as the “Easter Saturday Plant Giveaway Bonanza AMAZING TWO FOR ONE DEAL at half price! Yes, you read it right. Two trays of any Enoggera habitat restoration plants twice as free as they usually are! Can free plants for SOWN members get any freer?”

Yes they can! This year, the bright and shiny 2015, we are going the extra light-year and multiplying our offer by infinity! You can take as many plants as you want, and then some!

The nursery will be open this Easter Saturday 4 April from 9am-11am. Don’t miss out. ;-p