Geodorum densiflorum (ORCHIDACEAE) Pink Nodding Orchid, Shepherd’s Crook Orchid

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A terrestrial orchid to 40 cm. Flowers in December and January, dormant (not visible above the ground) during winter, found in open eucalypt forests throughout Brisbane. Three to five leaves to 35 cm long, marked by prominent ribs. Flowering stem to 30 cm long, 8 – 20 white to deep-pink flowers. Also known as Geodorum neocaledonicum and Geodorum pictum. The only Geodorum found in Australia.

Photo: Robert Whyte


The stem grows erect, nods when in flower and then straightens for seed dispersal. A pretty, ephemeral plant, quite common in season. The flowers do not open, but remain as a tube. Threatened in NSW. There are thought to be less than 20 populations of Pink Nodding Orchid in NSW, all north of Bundjalung National Park, and including Tweed Shire, plentiful north of NSW.
Photo: Robert Whyte