Planthoppers (FULGOROIDEA)

Bugs (Hemiptera)

Planthoppers are often disguised as leaves or other plant parts. They often hop amazing distances at speed, but generally walk very slowly so as not to attract attention. All members of this group are plant-feeders. There are a number of families within this superfamily.

Pink Planthopper

This attractive but weathered-looking planthopper was a pale green fringed with pink.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Flatid Planthopper Nymph

Small to medium size plant-feeding insects
Photo: Robert Whyte

Green and Black Planthopper

Fulgoridae planthoppers are usually medium to large in size. Some genera and species especially the genera Fulgora and Pyrops are referred to as lantern flies, which they are not. Green and Black Planthopper Desudaba psittacus is a distinctive large hopper about 15mm. It has a green abdomen with white spots along it, and red patches visible when the wings are open.
Photo: Robert Whyte