Davidson Street Bushcare Working Bee

Feb 12, 2024

After the recent wet weather, our Davidson Street bushcare area is in need of more attention, so we we will be down there this Saturday 17th February from 3pm to 5pm, however you are welcome to join us for as long or as little as you can, even if only for one hour instead of the full two.For the first hour the plan will be to do a “bank run” and move along the creek’s edge to check on the long-stem plantings which went under during the recent high water levels and flow. We will need to carefully remove any debris that has collected around the hardwood stakes and saplings, and do spot weeding so the saplings have their best shot over the rest of the growing season.For the second hour (4pm onwards) the plan is to converge back at the top of the bank to continue weeding and maintenance. The pathways need attention to knock-back recent summer growth, and weeds need keeping in check, especially some of the vines which are climbing up saplings. Unfortunately this includes the native tape vine which could do with knocking back a bit as it is outcompeting some other natives!Hope to see you there, and for a catch up at our place afterwards,Steve and Rick